Welcome to the pages about the research conducted at Mid Sweden University. 

Renyun Zhang

Renyun Zhang presents the research in triboelectric nanogenerators

Renyun Zhang post doctoral researcher in materials physics at Mid Sweden University presents his research in the field of...

Euroflections logga

Close to 80 Leading Academics reflect on European Parliament elections in unique collaboration

The Mid Sweden University research centre DEMICOM launches Euroflections to analyze and reflect on the EU elections 23-26 May. Close to 80...

Barn testar VR i skola med lärare

Digitalization in schools under the microscope

A co-operative project on digitalization in schools that has been discussed for two years is now being launched. The project entitled...

Materialprovningslabb, Sports Tech Research Centre

The lab that tests anything from tents to quilted jackets

At the Sports Tech Research Centre's Materials Testing Lab companies can come and test their products. Gneis, who specialise in outdoor wear...

NIIT Next generation industrial IoT

New research profile and one of Sweden's first 5G networks at Mid Sweden University

NIIT - Next generation Industrial IoT, is a complete new research profile within Mid Sweden University. For several years, the Research Centre...


New research identifies widespread sexism in the tourism sector

Employees in the tourism sector are often young, immigrants and women. And they are subjected to more sexism than workers in many other...