Student services

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Here you find many of the services who are outside the student portal.

Arbetslivsanknytning, praktik

Career searching

In career searching, you find advertisements from companies and organisations that seek students.

E-post,email, E-mail

Change E-mail Address

During your studies you will receive important information via e-mail. To ensure that you take part in that information you can therefore choose to have all e-mails forwarded to an e-mail of your choice. Below is a guide on how to set up the forwarding of e-mails that otherwise will be sent to your student e-mail only.


Degree Certificate

The application for graduation is made when you have received final grades on all courses to be included in your degree. For information on the graduation visit www. miun. se/degree.


Dropping my course

You can report course withdrawal by clicking My Ladok and "Incomplete". Select the course and check the box "I want to withdraw from the course" and next "Confirm withdrawal".



Here you can read your student e - mail.

Learning lab

Group and study rooms

Book a study room.

Biblioteket Östersund

Library services

The library will help you. Here you see their services.


Moodle at Mittuniversitetet

Moodle is our teaching platform. As adopted or registered student, you will automatically have access to a courses room if there is linked to your course.

My files

Here's your documents, pictures and other files.


My library loans

Here's your library loans.


My page in Ladok

Re-examinations, see your past courses, give consent and get certificates.


My profile

Change your personal settings and show your quota.

My Schedule

Here you always see your current schedule and changes can be seen immediately.

Tentamenskrivning på universitet

Register for Exam

You can register for an exam via my Ladok.

Scanned paper exams

Below, you can take part of your scanned paper exam.

Planering, schema, kalender, penna

Schedule search

Here you can find different course-, program-, localschedules.


My printouts

Here You can see information about your printouts.